Cambridge Primary Program


  • The world’s largest provider of k-12 international education programs
  • A global model of academic excellence through rigorous standards and high expectations
  • An educational leader in 160 countries, with programs in over 9,000 schools
  • Part of England’s renowned University of Cambridge

The Cambridge Primary Program is an innovative and accelerated method of academic study offered solely through Cambridge International Examinations.

  • Promotes academic rigor in English, Math. and Science
  • Provides a flexible curriculum framework that promotes creativity
  • Emphasizes thinking skills as well as inquiry-based learning
  • Measures student progress based on international benchmarks
  • Presents a global focus while promoting cultural sensitivity
  • Prepares students for Middle School and High School Cambridge programs

CAMBRIDGE PRIMARY PROGRAM: Dr. Toni Bilbao Preparatory Academy

Dr. Toni Bilbao Preparatory Academy is proud to offer the internationally-recognized Cambridge Program. With the Cambridge Primary Program, students receive instruction that builds confidence, responsibility, and reflection. The curriculum frameworks in English, Math, and Science promote critical thinking and collaborative teamwork. In English, students acquire skills which allow them to communicate confidently and effectively. The science curriculum helps build proficiency in investigation, evaluation, and analysis of data and scientific evidence. Mathematics instruction targets the application of essential skills to solve real-life problems. There are many opportunities within Miami-Dade County Public Schools to continue the Cambridge curriculum, first at the middle school level with the Secondary 1 Program and culminating with the AICE Diploma Program at the senior high level.